The processing department plays a key role in the development and execution of guidelines specifying activities to be undertaken and conditions to be fulfilled in the manufacturing process in order to assure that Mukurwe-ini Wakulima Dairy Limited products meet consumer expectations and government regulations.
This entails specific activities and hygienic conditions to be fulfilled and monitored at   all steps and levels in the dairy products handling chain from the farm level to the market place.
By offering sanitation, good manufacturing practices and other environmental and operational conditions, the processing department ultimately assures the production and availability of safe and wholesome dairy products.
Mukurwe-ini wakulima dairy started the processing of fresh milk brand 'ROYAL' which is packed in:

  • Royal 500 ml
  • Royal 200 ml
  • Royal 5litres
  • Processed Bulk milk
  • FINO 
  • ESL
  • TCA

The company has the plan of starting processing of BUTTER,GHEE AND CHEESE  by the end of year 2020